About me

Hi there, 

Welcome Welcome! My name is Marni Balovich and I am a fine art lifestyle storyteller. Our stories are what makes people want to get to know you better. Everyone loves stories and I would love to tell yours. We can tell your family story, your couple story and your business story! We can also come up with a fine art masterpiece story perfect for your home! I love documenting life! The interactions, the love and the story! Mainly, I am the girl that wants to help YOU tell that story! How can I help you? 


A little fluff about me!

I have 4 amazing children. 2 teenagers and 2 little ones. 

I love all things vintage. I could have a tea party every day and a cocktail party every night.

I am from the wrong era and wold love to bring back traditions.

I love coffee too and food! Food is my passion and my love language. My dream is to travel places and experience amazing food with my husband. I love photographing food too!! I inspire to be a travel lifestyle food photographer once day.

I am a self help junkie and believe we need to always improve ourselves. I am a motivator and a great listener. I adore my friends and I love to help people.