LifeStyle Sessions with Film

What would a day in your life look like? Maybe it is cooking with your family, playing outside, having a picnic at your favorite park. Maybe it is camping or exploring. Maybe it’s a day at the lake or at an amusement park. Maybe it is just a normal day in your life. A day with ¬†cuddles and kisses, reading books, playing board games, dancing and singing. A day of love and life. It is the everyday things that seem unimportant that are the most important to capture. Because it is your life, your every day life. Memories live in our minds and they are only known when we tell the stories. They say pictures are a thousand words. It is true. I can look at a photo and smile and remember that time perfectly. I love beautiful portraits and I believe everyone should have a beautiful posed portrait on their wall and I also believe in the everyday life and the candid moments. The fleeting moments that pass us by. I want to capture a moment in time for you. Something you will always cherish and remember. I want you to have a beautiful film that you can watch and rewatch and show your children and grandchildren. Moments are fleeting but memories last forever. Let’s document it.